Vol 12 (2019) No 1

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January 2019 - June 2019

Amount 10 acticles

Published 25 June 2019






List of articles

1. Thermal Plastic Molding Machine Innovation for Frozen Fairy Shrimp Tray Production in Khlong Saamprung Community, Nakhon Sawan Province
Komain Maimun, Krissana Romchaiyaphuek and Teerapod Naebnean

2. Reducing Ergonomic Issues within the Mushroom Loaf Steaming Process: A Case Study at the Organic Mushroom Learning Center, Phuket Province
Jaruwan Promngurn, Kittisak Jitkue and Anan Suntiamontut

3. The Relationship between the Physical Factors of Open Public Space and the Elderly’s Social Interaction: Case Study of an Urban Public Park in Phitsanulok
Nattida Jongrak and Nattika Navapan

4. Increasing Efficiency of the Tapioca Starch Production Process using Clean Technology Concept: A Case study of J. Charoen Marketing Company Limited
Premchai Moolla

5. Shear Modulus Identification of Soft Bangkok Clay with Silica Powder using an Unconfined Compression Test with Bender Elements
Pithan Pairojn

6. Evaluation of the Design and Construction of Compress Wrap Equipment
Saksirichai Srisawad

7. A Case Study of the Moofoy Shredding Pork Prototype Machine of the Ban Nong Luang OTOP Volunteer Women’s Group for Export to the AEC
Sirichai Torsakul and Vichiean Thuankruaval

8. A Feasibility Study of a University Dormitory Construction Project: A Case Study of Uttaradit Rajabhat University
Sittinan Thongsiri and Siwat Kamonkunanon

9. A Study of Banana Drying Using Waste Heat from Split Type Air Conditioning System
Sirisawat Juengjaroennirachon and Taveewat Suparos

10. Algorithm for Mango Classification Using Image Processing and Naive Bayes Classifier
Phantida Limsripraphan, Peerapol Kumpan, Nanthaphon Sathongpan and Chitnarong Phengtaeng


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