Vol 12 (2019) No 2

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12-2 cover

July 2019 - December 2019

Amount 9 acticles

Published 25 December 2019






List of articles

1. A Design and Construction of Patient Food Trolley for using in the Hospital Driven by DC Motor in the Sermngam Lampang Hospital
Chaiyun Jaiboonma

2. Design and Fabrication of a Gummy Jelly Drop Prototype Machine
Thawanrat Sumrit, Mathawee Phaisanphisut, Wirongrong Supeena, Patcharaporn Inrirai and Surintraporn Changchai

3. The effect of carbonized temperature and glycerin content on physical and thermal properties of briquette fuel from sago palm residue
Patcharee Intanoo, Sirinya Saieay and Pitchayapon Klabklay

4. Security Assessment Model of Cloud Computing for Government Organizations
Yuthtapon Pichainarong Nattapong Songneam Dusanee Supawantanakul and Worapat Paireekreng

5. Designing and Creating Khao Pong’s Plate Press Machine : A Case Study of Ban Huay Yang Career Group
Rittirong Jangim

6. The P-multipliers of Pile Groups Supported Large Billboard Signs in Bangkok Area
Sathaporn Pokpong

7. Design of Biomass Mixture for Electricity Generation Case study: Biomass Power Plant Prachuap Khiri Khan Province
Seree Suakrasang and Chansak Treepob

8. Effects of Foaming Agent Contents and Firing Temperatures on Porosity and Density of Granulated Foam Glass Prepared from Waste Glass
Suthee Wattanasiriwech, Hilmee Yanya, Chuleeporn Thanomsilp, Panate Manomaivibool and Darunee Wattanasiriwech

9. Comparative Study of H350R and E8016 Electrode in Surface Hard-Facing Welding of 100 pound/yard Railway by Shielded Metal Arc Welding
Arawan Chanpahol and Budsabakorn Kongruang

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